Why Is My Newsletter Called AR2A?

Hello Friends. My name is Kat Albrecht-Thiessen and I want to say “welcome to my Substack.” People who hear my Substack name but aren’t familiar my background may wonder what “Armed Robbers” could possibly have in common with “2 Airedales.” My newsletter is called “Armed Robbers 2 Airedales” (AR2A) because back in 1994, when I was a police bloodhound handler in Santa Cruz, California, I used my bloodhound A.J. to track an armed bank robber. Then, in 1998 after I made the crazy decision to become an investigative pet detective and trained my search dogs to track lost pets, I used my bloodhound Chase to track down a lost Airedale named George. I've literally gone from tracking armed robbers to tracking Airedales, and now I'm moonlighting as a mystery writer!"

Me (in 1996) with the three search dogs who changed my life: bloodhounds Chase (left), A.J. (middle), and Weimaraner Rachel (right).

My stories are raw, fascinating, inspirational, sometimes spiritual and even supernatural, and many times they’re pee-your-pants-funny stories. I’ve used my bloodhound to track down a lost iguana, had a producer ask me to fly from California to Florida to track “Skunk Ape,” the Sunshine State’s version of a very smelly Bigfoot (I said “No”), and I appeared on the TV Show To Tell The Truth. I once took a red eye flight from San Francisco to New York City (with my dog, Rachel, in cabin) for The Today Show so they could film Rachel track a snake loose in an apartment, only to have her (the dog, not me!) fart nonstop during the entire nonstop flight! These are examples of the stories I will post.

Through my unorthodox journey from cop to pet detective, I’ve also remained laser focused on being paid for my two passions which, since the age of thirteen, have been both law enforcement and training dogs. I also write about the amazing, fulfilling experience of finding your “life purpose” through faith in God and I have a burning desire to inspire others, especially teens and young adults, to find their life purpose, too. And best of all, I love mysteries! I am offering mini mystery games for all paid subscribers and preliminary access to my mystery / romance novel still in development (access to the novel restricted to founders only).

What Do FREE Subscribers Get?

I have serialized my dog memoir Pet Tracker: The Amazing Story of Rachel the K-9 Pet Detective (currently available on Amazon and on Audible). Not only can you read Pet Tracker here on my Substack for FREE, you’ll get my updated version of the book which includes many of my untold stories like how as a rookie I used “tactical flirting” to subdue an armed robber and how, as a detective, I used a piece of aluminum foil to garner a burglary suspect’s confession! Free subscribers will also receive my occasional Blah, Blah, Blah posts which are a mish-mash of funny stories, embarrassing moments, and a place where I can complain about whatever. I will also post my spiritual/faith stories under THE ULTIMATE MYSTERY: Find Your Life Purpose in God. If you’re not interested in reading the spiritual stuff, you can just delete those ones. I get it.

I actually know what it is like to be repelled by being exposed to someone who can’t stop talking about Jesus Christ. Trust me, I used to be nauseated by too much Jesus jabber, and I was a Christian at the time! I address the fascinating issue of why so many people, people of all faiths, including other Christians, are repelled by vocal Christians in an upcoming THE ULTIMATE PURPOSE post.

What Do PAID Subscribers Get?

And then there are my mystery games. Paid subscribers will receive the same stories (Pet Tracker, Ultimate Mystery, and my Blah, Blah, Blah stories) that all FREE subscribers receive, but they (and Founders) are the only subscribers who’ll be able to play my weekly “Solve This Mystery” games.

I love a good mystery! Since 2002, I’ve been pecking away at a young adult bloodhound murder mystery/romance series (which founders will have exclusive access to read). I’m also a member of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writer’s of America, and I’ve crafted and produced two live, in-person mystery fundraising events. I’ve also been a detective (for two different police departments), so there’s that, too.

So the big advantage for paid subscribers is that you’ll be wowed by my weekly brain teasing, thought provoking mini mystery games. These are all short, two-part mysteries. In Part 1, I lay out the mystery with multiple choice options of what you (the detective) would do next to solve the case. In Part 2, I reveal the answer to the mystery and announce that weeks’ winner. There will be also be “clues” that paid subscribers and founders can earn or purchase. These clues provide juicy intel to help subscribers quickly solve the mystery. This is not cheating! I simply allow subscribers to bribe me—er, I mean buy clues from me—to increase their odds of wining and to increase my revenue. It’s a win-win!


Founders are those who want to support and bless my writing with their finances. They are my sugar daddies and mamas. They receive everything that the paid subscribers receive: the serialized memoir Pet Tracker, Ultimate Mystery, and Blah, Blah, Blah posts, access to my weekly two-part mini mystery games, and access to purchasing clues. However, Founders are the only subscribers who’ll receive coveted access to chat with me (just pretend like this is a big deal, OK?) through my super secret Founders-Only “Armed Robbers 2 Airedales Mystery Group” Facebook group. There, Founders will chat with each other, decipher clues, identify what they believe to be red herrings, discuss physical evidence, ask me questions, and dissect clues. Founders will also receive exclusive access to read and provide comments on my upcoming serialized romance / mystery novel Bloodhound Love. The financial support from Founders, paid subscribers, and clue sales enable me to continue with my writing (so that one day I can quit my day job and write fulltime) so thank you in advance for sharing the love!

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Former police bloodhound handler / detective-turned-pet detective, author and mystery writer offers pet recovery stories, mystery games, her serialized memoir PET TRACKER, and the "Bloodhound Love Book Club" where teens will help edit Kat's mystery novel!


Armed Robbers 2 Airedales

I'm a police detective-turned-PET detective, author, speaker, and mystery writer. I used my police bloodhounds to track criminals (i.e. "armed robbers") and ultimately lost pets (i.e. "Airedales"). Boy, do I have some fascinating stories to tell!