Who Is Kat Albrecht?

My name is Kat Albrecht-Thiessen and I’m a police detective-turned-pet detective, author, inspirational speaker, trainer, and soon-to-be compassion fatigue retreat facilitator (for those in animal industry who’re burned out!). My life story is all about trying to find my “life purpose” with a goal of being PAID FOR MY PASSION. For me, that passion was law enforcement and working with dogs. I am very much against keeping a job that makes you miserable and all about taking BIG risks to follow your dream! Here’s a post that I crafted that features the turning point when I realized that the job that I HATED (working as a 9-1-1 dispatcher) was killing me and that I needed to make a career change!

Kat Albrecht and her bloodhound Zeke posing in a portrait picture
Me (Kat) with my beloved bloodhound Zeke prior to his death to lymphoma in 2013. Zeke isn’t featured in my PET TRACKER book, but he will be in the sequel memoir that I’m working on. (photo credit: Bonnie “Gabie” Beltz)

I began my fascinating yet bumpy journey into lost pet recovery work back in 1997 and I’ve just never looked back! I’m considered “the leading expert” on recovering lost dogs and cats (not my title, but given to me by others) since I began tracking lost pets back when there was NO social media and literally NO focus or attention given to the issue of lost pets! Lost pets that are not found are a major contributing factor to the “homeless” “feral” and “stray” pet populations, not to mention the overcrowding of our animal shelters and high euthanasia rates. I spent years speaking at animal welfare conferences in my efforts to raise awareness in the sheltering community that making lost pet recovery a priority is a viable method to prevent lost dogs and cats from entering shelters. Yet my “pet detective” title was poo-pooed and my critical work was dismissed and overlooked for many years. Thankfully today there is massive interest in lost pet recovery work within the animal sheltering system as well as tons of Lost & Found Facebook groups, rescue groups, and other entities.

I’m the former founder of “Missing Pet Partnership” (which was formed in 2002 and ultimately destroyed in 2017 by a rouge board member—more on that later in my memoir) and I’m the current founder / director of the Missing Animal Response Network, the first and only “pet detective academy” where I train volunteer and professional pet detectives (online), some with search dogs trained to track lost pets.

My lost pet recovery stories are often heartwarming, occasionally heartbreaking, and always educational. My writing is honest, raw, fascinating, sometimes spiritual (even supernatural), and many times pee-your-pants-funny. I’ve used my bloodhound to track down a lost MTV star (Ricky, an iguana who wore lizard clothing), had a producer ask me to fly from California to Florida to track “Skunk Ape,” the Sunshine State’s version of a very smelly Bigfoot (I said “No”), and I appeared on the TV Show To Tell The Truth. I once took a red eye flight from San Francisco to New York City (with my dog, Rachel, in cabin) for The Today Show so they could film Rachel track a snake loose in an apartment, only to have her (the dog, not me!) fart continuously during the entire nonstop flight! These are examples of the stories I will post.

Also, P-L-E-A-S-E chat with me and tell me your own stories, comment on anything I wrote about, ask me about lost pet related stuff, police stuff, Jesus stuff, or book writing stuff. To access my Chat area, go to this page here.

One more thing. When I first had the idea to pursue full time pet detective work (in 1997), I was told that I was “having a pipe dream” if I thought I could make a living as a pet detective. But not only have I myself made a living in this new field, but I've trained many (if not most) of the other professional pet detectives in North America (and abroad!) who also make a full time living running behind tracking dogs trained to find lost pets.

My point is this: DON'T BE SO QUICK to dismiss a writing or project idea when some naysayer comes along and tells you that “it won't work” or “that's been over done” in their attempt to kill your passion. Believe in your idea, find your voice, and GO FOR IT!

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I'm a police detective-turned-PET detective, author, speaker, and future (2025) compassion fatigue / pet memorial retreat leader. I used my police dogs to track criminals and then lost pets. Boy, do I have some fascinating stories to tell!