Thank you Ericka. It's encouraging to read feedback like this. And I can't wait to hear from Ava! I am excited about mentoring teens to pursue the dreams and life purpose that God has wove into their hearts. And you're being a GREAT mom by encouraging her interest to become a police officer. It would be easy as a parent to be filled with fear when your teen wants to enter a profession that can be dangerous, but the best thing a parent cab do is encourage your child to explore and find their own life purpose. My journey to track armed robbers with my bloodhounds brought the utmost JOY in my life because it was (part of) WHY I was created. The fact I could have been killed doing it never scared me because I was being paid for my PASSION. And those fortunate to die while doing what they love leave a blessing of PEACE to those left behind. Thanks for entrusting me to connect with and encourage your daughter!

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Just lovely and funny as F! And i already love your cat!!!

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